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Gary Platt

Platt Academy Audio Education

Waaaay back in 1976, Gary, having graduated (with honors) from Ohio University with a Bachelors Degree in Music and a Minor in Education co-founded The Recording Workshop, located in Ohio.  A year later, he created the processes and curriculum for what would become Full Sail University in Florida.  However, Gary continued to pursue his passion of studio and live concert recording for the likes of Bootsy Collins, Bon Jovi, Shaq, Adrian Belew, Cheap Trick, New Edition, Prince, Bill Champlin, and others, as well as many national commercials for McDonalds, Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi, many others.

Gary  moved to Orlando Florida to partner up again in 1987 with Full Sail creating a facility and program that was beyond anything presented at the time, anywhere in the USA - something very special.  As it grew, so too did the accolades and awards for the quality of the programs under Gary’s direction. (Rolling Stone did a feature on the school) Indeed, many graduates work as professionals in the media arts field today.  Gary remained Senior Vice President until 1997, when he was invited to meet with Dutch millionaire/eccentric, Eckart Wintzen in California.  Sparks flew, friendship bloomed and in 1999, Gary, (Eckart, and Peter Laanen) founded Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in the San Francisco Bay area, specifically, Emeryville.  This became the third school that Gary had envisioned, another amazing “future vision” educational center for media arts.  He left Ex’pression in 2006, his partner Eckart Wintzen died unexpectedly that same year.

After leaving Ex’pression, Gary decided to earn his Masters in Business Administration, graduating from Phoenix University in 2007 with honors.  "I wanted to better understand the State of the Art of Online Education. My experience of earning my MBA online was challenging and enlightening."  Gary continued recording various artists such as Adrian Belew and Sons of Champlin, while providing professional mastering services for the CBS Television Network music library through affiliate Diamond Mine Productions. (Ongoing, some 700+ selection per year)  He also held the position of President of the International Academy of Design and Technology in Sacramento, and served as Vice President of Academics and Accreditation with SAE Institutes in the USA for two years. 

Gary’s personal studio is located in Berkeley California.  While mentoring his assistants, Gary felt that, while many of them knew quite a lot about specific technical processes and specific gear, there was a need to understand the "why" things are done, and find further depth to move their careers forward.  This was the catalyst for Platt Academy.   Students who want to learn will learn with enthusiasm, it's that enthusiasm that drives Gary Platt.