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Platt Academy is a "digital audio" school, currently.  Fact is, there is no need to learn out-dated technology such as a magnetic analog multi-track tape machine.  Indeed, simply aligning it for use can take up to an hour each session.  The older  analog technology is very expensive to buy and maintain, therefore, very few studios bother to use it over digital systems that have zero noise and far less distortion than analog tape.   Today, we are in an age of digital recording  technology that is relatively inexpensive to obtain and has immense audio possibilities to go along with it.  The challenge now is discovering how to use it to your advantage.

Years ago, the personal computer hit the scene and fascinated literally everyone.  There was SOOO MUCH to learn, and we were transitioning from analog devices into digital devices that, quite frankly, hadn't become nearly as sophisticated (and yet easy to use) as today.

Fast forward to the "now" where colleges and universities are STILL teaching out-dated technology, when, here in the real world, musicians make recordings on  Apple laptops, with inexpensive software, with no studio required.

Ahhhh, but therein lies a  challenge: understanding how to use technology well.  Making music that sounds GOOD is not as easy as it might seem.   We can all buy the gear, but who can make it "sing"?

This is where YOU fit in.  You may discover that audio is your favorite subject and you want to be "in it" for your life.  But do you really know where you WANT to fit in?  There are so many different focuses - live sound, studio recording, movies and video sound, game sound, and more.  First, let's discover what you love and want to focus on, then let's hone that skill-set with another program that focuses completely on what you desire.

That's what we do.  We first provide a discovery and then the focus for your audio career.  We move relatively fast, and because we focus you on present day technology, you do not get bogged down  with  azimuth, zenith, and head-wrap.  We get you up and running, experiencing different aspects of audio that you might find your niche with .

What's the catch?  Well, we only accept 12 students, period.  We're small and we want to be certain when you leave our doors that you have found tremendous satisfaction learning about yourself at the same time learning what you love.

And man is it ever FUN!