Let's find out if you qualify, shall we?

1. You own some gear, but you're not exactly sure if you're using it fully.

2. You're not really sure how to get started making money in audio for yourself.

3. You feel like you want teachers that have your back, know what they're talking about and can help you, even outside of class.

4. It drives you crazy hearing a trunk rattle far more than the actual sub inside of it.

5. You find yourself taking things apart to figure out how they work.

6. You always want to know WHY to adjust a real or virtual knob, not just WHICH freakin' knob.

7. You're a bit of a misfit, you might be a little ADHD, creative, silly, serious, fun, different.  It's OK.

8. You want to pursue knowledge, not a degree.  You don't like to go slow...

9. You actually know quite a bit about audio, but there are holes in your knowledge and you know it because your mixes suck, and you want to fix that.

10. You are driven, passionate about sound, and you might not even know why - but you just ARE.

11. You want to experience a bit of each audio career path so you can know which path to concentrate on. 

12. Maybe you are planning to attend an expensive sound-arts college or University program but  are  not sure yet about spending a lot of money, or maybe you want to know what you're  getting into before you take the leap. (You may discover you don't want a career in audio, and want a girlfriend/boyfriend instead.)

13. You are ready for a life-changing experience to inspire you.

You probably qualify for Platt Academy if:


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