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Lower cost, higher effectiveness.  Inspiring and motivating students to discover the career path they  will find most satisfying over a lifetime.

WHY Platt Academy?

The cost of education is just too high today,  paying back a six-figure loan with an entry-level job is nearly impossible.  Most entry-level jobs do not required a degree, they require knowledge.  We provide knowledge through engaging in tactile style education.  Touch, play, learn by doing.  Experience.  We extract the most pertinent information for you, then present it in classes that are inspiring, with established Industry guests, and with labs so you discover your possibilities.

About Platt academy

(Media+) = media + technology.   Our courses are more highly saturated than what you might find at a college.     Think of it as eating more meat and less bread.  Laughing louder than softer.  It's a "G'me the dials first, I'll read the manual later" kind of a school.  Our teaching style is less "online", but far more tactile and engaging, with truly experienced teachers who really LOVE to teach.

Saturation Learning

is presenting students highly pertinent training and information in every form possible, especially using physical and tactile experience in conjunction with students' ubiquitous media life-style.


To provide Media+  training that is efficient, effective, and affordable. Our courses and programs are tactile, highly pertinent, and employ saturation learning techniques.