Strip out the irrevelent stuff, get moving now.

Two months of intensive learning on ONLY the subjects

you desire a skill set.

Only 12 per class guaranteed.

Only 6 in a lab each week.

Cost: Tuition/materials approx. $2,500.

Faster-paced learning environment.

First Course- a discovery program with no General Education requirement.

Second Course - program dedicated to your desired

skill-set for 8 weeks.

Move right into establishing yourself in the market.

Have network connections from guest speakers each week.



  A Degree?

What do YOU want?

 Knowledge  (from Platt Academy of course)

Four years of your life

Two years of nothing but General Education subjects prior

 to learning what you went for.

Too many students in a class to obtain personal attention.

Cost: Tuition/materials approx. $100,000 - With living expenses   approximately $140,000 total for the experience.

Very slow learning experience.

Not as much hands-on as you might expect for the price.

After graduating you will be competing against others with more  knowledge, experience, and networking connections. 

Media professionals do not care about degrees, they care only about how well a person can perform their job.

Likely your degree from a private college or university will NOT transfer to another school.  Building into a Masters Program may not be possible.

3.5 years of college left

A Four-year Degree (Private College)

Platt Academy Audio Education

Already on the job

and Follow Me