"Working with Gary Platt at Platt Academy, you will be in the hands of the FINEST.

I've known Gary for decades, and have worked with Gary in the studio.   Gary Platt is MASTERFUL."
Betsy Hammer 
Associate Music Supervisor, Happy Madison Productions 
Producer, Hammerwell Productions 
Associate Producer, "BANG! The Bert Berns Story"

Platt Academy Audio Education

"Most of what I know about mixing and mastering, I learned from Gary Platt"
Adrian Belew; renowned recording artist as well as guitarist for David Bowie, Frank Zappa, The Bears, NIN, King Crimson

It's about time for some hands-on training that's relevant, effective and exciting, and comes at a truly affordable cost.  That's what Platt Academy (in Berkeley, CA) is all about.  For the cost A simple concept: Effective, efficient, affordable education that is more tactile, fun, and hands-on then any Internet program could be. 

"Gary's skills and talent in the studio are remarkable. He has a great ability to unveil the mysteries of recording, and impart his vast knowledge in a clear, understandable way, making that knowledge easily accessible and immediately useful to the learner."
Malcolm Smith, band leader/composer/guitarist with Metaphor

"Gary Platt is a Triple Threat… Knowledge, Experience and Talent. In Everything Gary has accomplished, he is always the Exception(al), Not the Rule!!!"  Michael Egizi - Diamond Mine Productions/CBS Network TV

Platt Academy Audio Education

We accept only 12 students per course

Lab groups of 6 for more personal attention

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